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    Way Back Inn is a registered Non-Profit Organization with Washington State EIN 91-1548418 that provides transitional housing to homeless children and their families helping them rebuild their lives, dignity and self-confidence.

    Our 10 units in Renton, Tukwila and Kent Washington offer families a warm, safe and comfortable place to stay while they work towards their goals of moving their lives forward.

    If you are in need of housing or assistance please call 206/682-7382

    For donations, information, or volunteer opportunities please call 206/617-6623

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My family and I want to thank Way Back Inn and staff for having us in one of your homes, we are very grateful.
The Potts family
My name is Krystal and I would just like to thank everyone for their help. Without this program I don't know where myself or my baby would be. You gave us a place to stay and helped us move into our new place. All I can say is thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done for me. Everyone is so kind in this program, I wish there were more people like you all in this world.
Sincerely,   Krystal
To all the wonderful people at Way Back Inn, Thank you is not enough to say or do for what you have done for our family. You have strengthened our faith and inspired us to be strong and to help restore strength, faith and hope in others. May God bless you in many more ways! We will always keep you in our prayers.
Love,   The Harris Family
Tonya, My girls and I would like to thank you for your help and support also your kindness you have shown to all of us. It is because of people like yourself that others are able to live long and prosper.
Thank you so much,  A Madsen
Russell and I have never seen a program such as Way Back Inn. We read all the newsletters and were amazed at the work you do.
On behalf of my family, I would like to extend my sincere thanks; to you and your wonderful organization “The Way Back Inn” for coming to our rescue. I have been unemployment for sometime and I have been depending on unemployment check until it run out in December 2013. I have looked for jobs without success. Being jobless is not a good experience when you can't support yourself and the family. I was so distraught and afraid of being stranded with my family in the streets. I tried several charity organizations in the area to seek for rental assistance but I was not successful. The Way Back Inn is the only organization that come to my rescue when others turned their back on me. I am deeply overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of your great organization. Too often good deeds are not given the attention they deserve. I can not afford to stay quiet and not say something about how you saved my family from being homeless. I will always remember your kindness and generosity. May God bless you and your organization. Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart.

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