Way Back Inn

Our Mission

Help fight the homeless crisis in our communities by providing low income & homeless families with resources to get them on the path to permanent housing.  We provide a safe home for their children so they can focus on getting back on their feet.  And we strive to prevent families from becoming homeless by offering utility & rental assistance.


Why I volunteer....

Being poor or homeless has a lasting impact on young children and being part of Way Back Inn allows me to help kids in these circumstances.  I'm very grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

— Way Back Inn Volunteer


Board of Directors & Volunteers


Kajal Ram

Clint Kurtz

Michael Louie

Alisa Louie

Former President
Chris Johnson

Board members

  • Kirby Bowser

  • Jason Dunbar

  • Dorothy Francis

  • Vern Francis

  • Connie Hyman

  • Devin Rychetnik

  • Theresa Schmierer

  • Nathan Thompson

  • Curt VandenBosch



  • Audit/Finance

  • Governance

  • IT/Systems

  • Marketing

  • Properties

  • Auction Planning/Events

Monthly Board Meetings

Everyone is welcomed to attend one of our monthly Board meetings - generally scheduled on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm. 

Please email tonya@way-back-inn.org if you need details or would like to attend.

Meeting address:

  • 149 Park Ave N, Renton, WA 98057


Our Team

Way Back Inn is a volunteer based non-profit with a great mix of long term and newer volunteers. We have an amazing Program Director, Tonya Ward who has been part of Way Back Inn for over 10 years. In addition to this full-time role, we have two part-time employees (maintenance and program coordinator).

We can always use more help - please click below to learn more about our volunteering opportunities.

Some of our volunteers!

Some of our volunteers!


Way Back Inn's operations are funded through grants (government & private foundations), individual & business donors.  See below our annual financial IRS filings.